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Thank you for visiting my firm. Whether it is financial planning, investment consulting, or investment management, we provide high quality, personalized service our clients can trust.


About Aaron Brask Capital

We are an independent, fee-only investment advisor. That means we do not favor any particular firm's products or services and we do not receive commissions that could bias our advice. Simply put, we are always looking out for our clients' best interests. Read more

We believe that our services more than pay for themselves. On the one hand, we help our clients avoid the excessive fees and hidden costs embedded in many investments. On the other hand, our value based investment strategies and disciplined asset allocation process can provide higher returns and lower volatility over the long term.

About Aaron Brask

I am not the average financial advisor. My background is in research, not sales. I worked for two leading investment banks in New York and London where I built and managed global teams to provide investment and risk management services for the firms’ top clients. Read more

Unlike most advisors, I perform much of my own research. I have a PhD in financial mathematics and I studied accounting and financial analysis at London Business School. The area of my research that clients find most illuminating involves the structural flaws most ETFs suffer from. While many investors are aware of the high price tags mutual funds charge, few realize the real costs of investing in ETFs and how the financial industry really profits from these allegedly low-cost products. This research led me to formulate my own value-based investment strategies to provide higher returns with lower volatility.

I am well respected by my family, friends, colleagues, and clients on both personal and professional levels. Moreover, I always maintain the highest level of integrity in all of my endeavors. While I manage investments in an objective, disciplined manner, I realize that wealth is a very personal issue. I strive to establish and grow what I hope will be long term relationships with my clients and their families so that I can provide them with a highly personalized and successful wealth management service. For families of substantial wealth, I provide personalized education on financial and investment topics as to increase the likelihood of preserving and growing their wealth through multiple generations.


Free Investment Audit

In an effort to grow my firm, I am offering a free investment audit for qualified individuals. This is not a prepackaged analysis or sales pitch; this is an in depth audit of your investments as they relate to your particular needs. Please contact us if you are interested in this free consultation. Read more

This audit process has three primary steps. First, I meet with you personally to gain a better understanding of your goals. I take an inventory of your investments. This meeting generally lasts one to three hours. Second, I take this information with me and undertake a forensic analysis of your investments. I delve into each one of your holdings and assess how it fits in the context of your income requirements, risk tolerance, and personal goals. I also map out all fees and costs attached to your investments as they explicitly detract from your returns. This analysis typically requires one to three days, depending on my schedule. Lastly, we meet again and I provide you with my analysis along with a list of suggestions that can help you reduce risk and/or increase income from your investments. There are no strings attached. There is no hard sell. My hope is that you will be impressed with my work and want to employ my firm's services.